Your Teacher

Susan Harris
B.A. Geology, Guilford College, Greensboro NC
M.A. Geology, University of Texas at Austin
(919) 542-3857

I've been teaching this geology class online for 6 years to community college students and high school students and have worked hard to make it interesting, accessible and applicable. My philosophy for students is that the course needs to have relevance to their every day lives. For example: it's not so important to know how to identify minerals, but it is important to understand that minerals occur in the earth in specific places, limited quantities and are used in every aspect of our lives, beginning with building the houses we live in. I worked as a consulting geologist for 17 years before “retiring” to teach and grow flowers. I currently homeschool my 7th grader and enjoy our journey of learning together.

Instructor Availability: I'm online a LOT! I try to get back to students within 24 hours. Exception to this is the weekends when I'm not usually available. Students can also call me at home with questions. I like to hear from my students and staying in touch is an important part of this class. I want my students to feel like they are part of a group, learning together with access to their instructor.